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The Artems School, is lined up based on Vanvasi Seva Kendra's previous project “Family Helper Project” which was mainly focused on Free Education up to 8th Standard to 300 Children every year for twelve years starting from 1984 till 1996.

Family Helper Project supported families with free books, uniform, midday meal and immunisation. 

The Artems School will be focusing mainly on affordable quality education to families with children aged 3 years till 10 years and thus formalise the building early years of every children in the Adhaura (Bhabua) area. 
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Artems School Building

What We Offer

Knowledge for Every Level
Foundational Stage

At the Artems School, the foundational stage, offers playbased learning from playgroup all the way to the grade 2 level, The curriculum is developed with immense care and mainly consist of play or activity-based learning with a focus on life skills like  good behaviour, courtesy, ethics, personal and public hygiene, teamwork and cooperation, etc.

The Preparatory Stage

Class 3 to 5 is categorised as the preparatory stage, in The Artems School. The curriculum focuses on a gradula and slow paced transition from play-based learning to more formal pen paper based but interactive classroom learning. The curriculum focuses more on the concept development including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, A enhanced attention is given to arts, science, and mathematics too.

The goal since inception of The Artems School is always to ensure that we deliver quality education at affordable fees charged to the students keeping a focus on a safe and secure small classroom sizes which enables students to get individualised attention from the facilitator.

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