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The Story

Vanvasi Seva Kendra was incepted by Late Jay Prakash Narayan and some of his associates in course of drought and famine relief work through Bihar Relief Committee during 1966-67. Inhuman coercive measures adopted by the Government officials and money lenders for recovery of loans from the famine hit tribal population of Adhaura towards the end of 1967 came to the founder Mr Jaiprakash ji’s notice and he inspired his associates to establish Vanvasi Seva Kendra(V.S.K.) for sustained service and upliftment of local forest dwellers and tribals. Thus, Vanvasi Seva Kendra came into existence in 1968 and was registered in 1969 as a voluntary organisation under Societies Registration Act, 1860. Since its inception in 1968 the main objective of VSK is to :

  • To strive for integrated economic, social and cultural development of the inhabitants of the region;

  • to ensure proper utilization of local natural resources to build an agro-industrial society;

  • to build ideal villages in which villagers are able to achieve all round development based on self reliance and in conformity with the national ethos;

  • to inculcate amongst the villagers an attitude of mutual cooperation and understanding and to raise their economic, social, educational, cultural and moral standard;

 VSK expertise in the field of 

  • Agriculture 

  • Irrigation

  • Health care

  • Education

  • Promotion of Ayurveda

  • Value addition in livelihood of local inhabitants

  • Khadi & Village Industries 

  • Relief & rehabilitation

Our Members

Vanvasi Seva Kendra is being managed by a group of social workers, educationists, and professionals. The General Body consists of seven life members and 14 ordinary members nominated by the former for a term of 3 years. The Executive Committee consists of 9 members..  

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